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Plastics Pipe Extrusion Line Profile Extrusion Line Panel/Sheet Extrusion Line Pelletizing Extrusion Line Auxiliary Machine
HDPE Φ16mm-Φ2200mm Pipe Extrusion Line


Agriculture water supply and drainage system, construction water supply and drainage system, wiring laying system, gas transportation system and etc.

Equipment Composition:

High-efficiency Single Screw Extruder →Single Screw Co-extruder →HDPE Pipe Mould → Vacuum Calibration Tank →Spraying Cooling Tank → Caterpillar Hauler → Cutter → Stacker(Winder)


-PVC pipe diameter range:φ16-φ 1200mm

-Computer PLC control for easy operation

-Most advanced design of spiral-type or spiral combined basket type die head

-Caterpillar-type haulers are specifically designed for different pipe diameters, including two-caterpillar, three-caterpillar, four-caterpillar, six-caterpillar, eight-caterpillar, and ten caterpillar type

-Easy operation, reliable performance, high production efficiency, convenient maintenance

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