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PP-R/PE-RT Pipe Extrusion Line


PP-R/PE-RT Plastic pipes are newly-developed environment-friendly products. They have the advantages of toxic-free, rust-free, filth-free, high-temperature tolerance, heat preservation, easy installation, reasonable price and etc, which already been widely used in hot & cold water for residence.

Equipment Composition:

High-efficiency Single Screw Extruder →Single Screw Co-extruder →PP-R/PE-RT Pipe Mould → Vacuum Calibration Tank →Spraying Cooling Tank → Caterpillar Hauler → Cutter → Stacker


-Screws adopt latest foreign technology, delivering high capacity, good plasticity. Final pipe products have high pressure resistance level

-Basket-type die head ensures stable performance during high-speed production

-Entire production line can be controlled by PLC

-Fly cutter is available to further improve high-speed production stability and save space

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